Tread Lightly….But With Big Impact


Our Mission

At SustainEdge we strive to embody the values of sustainability – people, profit, planet – in all we do. It is our mission to work with companies to educate and share those values, as well as find and showcase products we believe in to the marketplace. The companies we work with all share a similar vision: We can do better.  Consumers and companies alike can have a large economic and social impact without negatively treading all over our planet.


Our Purpose

While it is our mission to bring the best quality, sustainable products to the marketplace, it is also a personal choice  to support ‘green’ and eco-friendly living in our own daily lives. We believe it is hypocritical to promote earth-friendly brands and not use them ourselves. At SustainEdge we aim to lead by example and with purpose.


Who We Are

Our company works with brands to create a better, more sustainable future for everyone.


Sarah E. Braun

Owner/Project Manager

Sarah is a sustainability, creative marketing, and socioeconomic development specialist, Originally from Illinois, and now a Wisconsin resident, her prior educational and professional experiences have taken her to work all over Europe and North Africa.

She focuses on blending together the best of creative minds from different disciplines in her network to educate and build brands that attract and excite the public — all while maintaining sustainability at the foundation.

She received her Master’s Degree from the American University of Paris in 2015, where her studies focused on the importance of Public-Private Partnerships for sustainable development.

We Aim to Live What We Do.